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A.L. Hanic International, LLC
P.O. Box 620814
Las Vegas, NV 89162
United States
Phone: 760-877-7107
Fax:  208-330-9768
About Us
A.L. Hanic International was founded by Edward McLeod (Ted).  The company has
participated in a vast array of industrial projects over the years ranging from the overhaul and
refit of large marine vessels to the dismantling and resale of a geothermal power plant in
Southern California.

ALHI has partners in the recycling and scrap metal business as well as the power production
and energy sector.  We are able to find high quality used industrial equipment for resale at a
very reasonable price.  We can also provide turnkey service for the renovation and installation
of this equipment.

ALHI is very experienced in the construction of metal shredding plants designed to shred and
sort all manner of discarded metal objects, usually automobiles and appliances.  We are skilled
at project management, and can provide turnkey service to guarantee the success of your
upcoming construction project of any size and scope.  

Our mission is to provide the customer with outstanding service at a fair price while maintaining
solid customer relations and above all, safety.