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A.L. Hanic International, LLC
P.O. Box 620814
Las Vegas, NV 89162
United States
Phone: 760-877-4107
Fax:  208-330-9768
Construction/Demolition – ALHI is staffed by teams of
experienced welders, fitters, and on-site project managers.  We
can build, or tear down just about anything, and specialize in
custom jobs where on-site fabrication or dismantling is

Marine – ALHI has extensive experience in the restoration and
refit of large vessels and barges.  We will also dismantle and
salvage any marine asset, and get the remaining valuable
equipment out for resale.

Electrical – ALHI will install, remove or upgrade power
generating facilities, substations or transformers.  We also
buy/sell all forms of industrial electronic equipment such as
transformers, switches, motors, generators, turbines, pumps, soft
starts etc.