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For Sale
A. L. Hanic has access to a great deal of used industrial equipment that is for resale.  Much of
what we have is of high quality but often in need of refurbishment.  If you are looking for value
and quality in used industrial machinery or electronic controls, transformers etc, contact us.  If
it is not posted here, we can usually find what you are looking for.

We are also interested in buying used items either for resale or for scrap.

Power Plants for sale:  

Below are links to a number of "mothballed" power plants that are available for resale.  In most
cases, the older generating units are of higher quality than those available today.  Properly
serviced, these units have decades of use left in them.  A.L. Hanic can provide turnkey
installation of these units for a fraction of the price of a new plant.
  (click on link for details)    


Rio Pecos

Oak Creek 1

Oak Creek 2

Paint Creek  1

Paint Creek 2

San Angelo