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Edward McLeod (Ted)   
Edward McLeod is both a US and Canadian citizen.  Educated in Canada, Ted started out as a
tradesman boilermaker.  He then served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam era as an
Electrician's Mate.  After the Navy, Ted joined the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and
worked as an electrician until 1981 when he started his own contracting business.  Ted’s first company
was Indora Industries a Union Electrical Company which still operates today.  After selling Indora to its
employees, Ted founded A.L. Hanic International.

Mr. McLeod is a practical, hands-on project supervisor and manager, who has successfully operated
his own business for over 30 years.  The strength of ALHI has always been the ability of Ted to employ
a supervisory staff that is both dedicated and responsible, which enables him to bring his projects in
on time and under budget.  At one time active in the labor movement, Mr. McLeod has a unique ability
to successfully manage both union and non-union jobs.

Ted has operated A.L.Hanic International as a contract company with experience in demolition,
dismantling and asset recovery, maintenance and repair, and construction and installation of new
facilities.  A.L.Hanic International provides full-service project management of construction, demolition,
electrical, mechanical, projects including operations of the plants once they are built if desired.

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